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☀️ Yellow “Jade” is said to be a stone of wisdom, helping users to learn from their experiences and gain self-confidence. Yellow as a color also symbolizes warmth and joy.

This stone is also believed to affect the digestive system and increase the metabolism.

Yellow "Jade"--as a stone with a yellow coloration--is associated with the solar plexus chakra for its ability to soothe anxiety. It is not a current birthstone, but it has been historically assigned to the summer months, especially the sign of Leo.

Yellow “Jade” will bring energies of self-confidence, courage, and abundance. It will impart wisdom in silence and tranquility, and it will dispel harm and negativity.

This stone will also attract good luck and good fortune, and it will enable self-sufficiency. It will help you release your emotions in a healthy manner.It’s also a stone that will bring joy and happiness and show you how you can be connected to all living beings.

Yellow “jade” also has plenty of spiritual symbolism. It will promote emotional stability, and it will bring balance and harmony to loving relationships.

If you want to enhance the good luck in your life, you should always carry a piece of Yellow “Jade” with you. It will also surround you with protective energies and promote long life.

**DISCLAIMER**These are intention bracelets that carry alot of energy. They are not for decorative use only. They can and will break off when the energy is too strong or when it's healing energies have done it's job. It's similar to an intentions candle, eventually it burns down and goes out.

There are no refunds or returns on intentions bracelets unless it arrived damaged. If you want to restring your bracelet upon arrival or when it breaks apart you absolutely can do so. I do not accept returns to restring bracelets unless it arrived broken.

Please use discernment. You would know whether it just broke because it’s done it’s job or it was not strung properly.

REMINDER: DO NOT stretch bracelets to put on. Roll them off or on. I recommend keeping bracelets on unless you are unable to do so.


  • Please read description box of bracelet you are purchasing. Important info such as preorder shipping dates can be found there. 

    Preorders ship out at a later time. 

    You will receive an email when your shipping label has been created. If you have not received an email with tracking information (please check SPAM folder) then your order has not been shiped yet. 

    Thank you in advance!

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